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From immersive experiences to original virtual merchandise, Roblox gives you the power to connect and engage with tens of millions of people worldwide.

Go beyond IRL

By partnering with a developer or studio, you can integrate seamlessly into an existing experience or create your own from scratch. Defy physics or host a concert underwater. Bring students on a journey through Ancient Rome. Premiere a movie in outer space. Build a virtual storefront. The possibilities are as unlimited as your imagination.

Roblox Partner Program

Whether you’re looking to build your own experience on Roblox, integrate into an existing one, or explore immersive advertising opportunities, these Roblox partners can make it happen. Contact them today and get connected to millions of users from all over the world.

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Century Games






The Gang






Super League




Alo Sanctuary

Alo partnered with development studio Sawhorse to bring meditation to the metaverse. Together they created an island oasis experience on Roblox, bringing their mission of wellness into a new digital landscape while driving brand affinity.

Vans World

Vans worked with The Gang Stockholm to build an immersive skatepark experience that stayed true to their brand ethos while also powering creative expression and social connectivity.

Gucci Garden

In conjunction with launching the Gucci Gardens Archetypes exhibition in Florence, Gucci opened a virtual counterpart on Roblox, enabling millions of people to share in the experience.

Poppy Listening Party

To drive awareness of her fourth studio album, Flux, Poppy hosted a Listening Party where fans could listen to her music across a wide variety of popular experiences on Roblox.


Roblox enables students to collaborate, explore, and learn from anywhere. Learn more about our partnership with FIRST® and Filament Games.


Do I need to have an official partnership with Roblox before I can publish a branded experience on the platform?

No, once you’ve signed up on Roblox, you can start creating content right away in Roblox Studio. Note that all uploaded content will undergo our standard moderation processes to ensure it abides by our Community Standards and Terms of Use before it’s published.

I’m looking to build a branded experience on Roblox. What’s the best way to get started?

We’re excited to hear you’re interested in activating your brand on Roblox. Before getting started, we recommend reading some of our case studies to learn how other brands, artists, and educational organizations have found success on the platform. There are many different ways to activate on Roblox, and by reading these examples, you will better understand what options are available and what makes the most sense for you, your goals, and your target audience. From there, we recommend creating a Roblox account and familiarizing yourself with the platform. You can start by creating your own avatar and then jumping into some popular experiences . You can also check out some examples of what other brands and artists have made:

What goals and benchmarks should my team expect on Roblox?

Success depends on a number of factors, including your team’s broader goals and creating authentic, rich engagement with the community. We recommend reading our case studies to learn how other brands, artists, and educational organizations have defined their objectives and found success with the community on Roblox.

How can I monetize on Roblox?

Below are a couple of examples of what other brands and artists have done in the past to monetize their content on Roblox.


You may sell custom verch—short for “virtual merch”— on the Roblox Avatar Shop for a limited time or in perpetuity. Read how pop star Zara Larsson found success with her limited-edition verch collection on Roblox. To sell Verch in the catalog, you must apply to become a UGC Creator. Here's how.

Limited-time or persistent virtual experiences

Brands, artists, and educational organizations may work with a developer or studio to create custom, sticky experiences on Roblox where visitors can freely explore, complete quests, purchase verch for their avatar, hang out with friends, and more. The options for deeper engagement are endless. Read how Vans found success with our community by building their own immersive, persistent experience on Roblox.

Is Roblox available for all ages?

Yes, Roblox appeals to audiences of all ages in 180 countries globally. In fact, as of December 31, 2021, 52% of users are over the age of 13, with the 17 to 24-year-old age group growing fastest, and greater than 50% of engagement was from users aged 13 and older. Please review our Community Standards to better understand what types of content are allowed on Roblox.

Do you have a list of preferred developers to create a branded experience for us?

No, there’s not a preferred list as new developers are creating amazing experiences every day.

What is a verified badge, and how do I get one for my brand or artist’s Roblox account?

The Verified Badge (aka Roblox’s blue checkmark) is a visual indicator that allows users to easily identify notable and authentic creators, developers, groups, and off-platform figures. The badge helps combat impersonation on the platform. It indicates that Roblox has confirmed the account belongs to the user or group it represents and that it meets our criteria for notability.

This is just the first phase of Roblox’s Verified Badge. As such, we are rolling this out in phases with select groups of Creators, Developers, Influencers, and Partners. We will invite those who qualify via email.

As a result, there is currently no application process. However, the program is evolving and will improve over time to include even more of the Roblox community and off-platform figures.

Every badge recipient must have 2SV (via authentication app) enabled, be active on the platform, and adhere to our Community Standards and Terms of Use. Visit our general FAQ to learn more about the Verified Badge.

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