Parent’s Guide

We’re serious about play

At Roblox, we believe everyone should have to right to imagine, create, and play together in a safe, family-friendly environment. This means we take kids safety and privacy very seriously.

It is also why we’re proud that Roblox Corporation is a member in the kidSAFE Seal Program, approved by the Federal Trade Commission as an authorized safe harbor under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule.

What is Roblox?

Roblox offers kids millions of 3D worlds to explore, players to meet, and games to play in a family-friendly environment, freely accessible from any device anywhere.

We call Roblox the ‘Imagination Platform’ for good reason. In Roblox, all the 3D worlds, games, and experiences are created by the players themselves.

Once a player has signed up and chosen their avatar, they are given their own piece of real estate along with a virtual toolbox for building. By playing games and building cool stuff, players can earn Roblox dollars (or “Robux”) to buy avatar accessories, additional skills, or more tools and materials to build with.

As a community-created platform, Roblox gives players a safe, moderated place to meet, play, chat, and collaborate on creative projects. If so inclined, they can even go on to learn how to build and code immersive experiences for others, all at their own pace.

How is Roblox educational?

There is a well-respected theory named “Constructionism” first posed by Seymour Papert of MIT Media Lab which holds that kids learn best when they are in the active roles of designer and builder, and this learning is accelerated when they assume these roles in a public forum.

We support this theory. We’ve observed that many of our members become deeply engaged with building complex structures and solving difficult problems when they know that the fruits of their labor will be seen and critiqued by others.

The level of creativity our players exhibit, along with the amount of time and care they spend building, never fails to astonish us.

Does it cost anything to join Roblox?

Players may play Roblox free of charge. However, paying Builders Club members get extra privileges such as access to premium items for cooler avatar customization, no screen advertisements, and being able to manage multiple locations. Builders Club memberships start at $5.95 per month (less than 20c per day) and lower rates are available for 6-month or year subscriptions.

How do I sign my child up for Builders Club?

Click on the Builders Club link on the navigation bar of If your child already has an account on Roblox you’ll simply need to sign in to complete the enrollment process. Otherwise, you’ll need to set them up with a username and a temporary password first.

How old are the kids that play Roblox?

Roblox was originally designed for 8 to 18 year olds, but is open to people of all ages and appeals to many age groups. The majority of players are 8-12, but some of our seasoned developers who design and build games are in their 20’s. You can get more detail on these in our Privacy Policy and Terms pages.

What does Roblox do to protect my kids privacy?

Players aged 12 and younger have locked privacy settings to prevent contact from people they don’t know. Players must first become friends before activities such as messaging, following into game, and playing on private servers are allowed.

Players age 13 or older are able to set permissions on player interactions such as messaging, trading, game following/invitations, and more. These settings can be adjusted from within the Privacy Tab of the Account Settings page, accessed by clicking on the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the site.

Can I customize the security settings in Roblox?

Yes, you can. To add even more security to Roblox, you can enable 2-Step Verification. This feature can be found in your Account Settings Security tab. For more information, please see our FAQ article with all the details of this great security feature.

What are ‘Robux’ and how are they earned?

Robux (‘Roblox Dollars’) are the official in-game currency for Roblox. They are used for customizing avatars, buying building materials and tools, or for buying special abilities in games. Players can earn or buy Robux in the following ways:

  1. Members of the Builders Club receive a daily Robux stipend.
  2. Builders Club members can sell shirts, pants, and place access and receive 70% of the profit.
  3. Players can purchase Robux using a credit card, pre-paid Roblox card, Paypal, or Rixty on the Robux page.
  4. Both Builders Club and Non Builders Club members can sell game passes for Robux.
    Non-Builders Club members get 10% of the profit, while BC members will get 70% of the profit.
  5. Developers may earn Robux by participating in Developer Attribution.
  6. Both Builders Club and Non-Builders Club members can participate in the Affiliate Program.

I’ve seen ‘Robux Generators’ and sites that sell Robux. Are they safe?

No. Beware of third party sites that offer things like ‘free’ or cheap Robux etc. These sites are simply scams created to control your Roblox account and collect your personal information and money. The only safe way to buy Robux and other items is to use Roblox.

Roblox will never ask you for your password. Report any messages like this instantly by clicking on the Report Abuse links located around the site and in every game menu.

How does chat work with Roblox?

Players up to the age of 12 have their posts and chats filtered for inappropriate content and behavior. We also lock privacy settings to prevent any personal information from being shared.

Players age 13 and older have a less restrictive filter than the younger players, but it still blocks inappropriate content and behavior from being posted. These filters cover all areas of communication on Roblox, public, and private.

Our text filter is sophisticated and reacts to player behavior. If the player goes for a time without posting anything inappropriate, they’ll be trusted to use a larger vocabulary. Users who trigger several infractions will have a more limited vocabulary for a while, until they improve their behavior.

How can I contact Roblox?

We’re here for you. If you need to talk about billing or an account issue, please contact us on

If you have specific questions about site features, gameplay, building or scripting we have our super-useful and informative Roblox Wiki at

If you have a question or wish to appeal a moderation action against your account or assets, please contact

What parents are saying

This game is very good for my children. I have three children playing roblox and they got each other to join. It is helping my oldest with a “what i want to be when i grow up” subject he is doing at school. He wants to be a programmer and program games so this site is helping him by teaching him skills. Also I love this site because it lets my kids be creative. Also its helping teach my kids laws of physics and lots of other stuff. Finally a game my kids have fun on without blood and gore!
– Lelaine

I have to say I really appreciate your product as my son asked me to order him a Lua book, and now he is starting to get really involved with scripting, advertising and ‘day trading’ all because of Roblox. Now, I am busy hearing my son talk non-stop about ads, clicks and currency trading on Roblox – gotta love it.
– Sam

My boys, ages 10 and 8 just created an account to explore your games. I think the “safety blocks” you automatically established are a God-send. I don’t know much about this gaming stuff, but I did read your policies, procedures and commend you for making the blocks “automatic”. Thanks. Be vigilant. As a parent, I try to understand but I don’t. I need companies, gamers to help protect the children.
– Dan, Florida

Hi, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate Roblox. My son who is 12 uses your service all the time. One of the movie competitions motivates him to sit down and learn new software to develop new movie scenes. I watched him a couple days ago, working hard on powerpoint, windows movie maker and other software, trying to make his Roblox movie. He didn’t know how to use any of this software and learned it on his own through his motivation from Roblox. It’s kind of neat how simple things like having a special ‘hat’ for his character is so gratifying to him. He joined the Roblox Builders Club a few days ago. He was willing to give up $5 a month from his allowance per month to pay for it (we are paying for it, but appreciated his devotion). Anyway, I appreciate your service and also how safe it is for kids. I am enjoying seeing him thrive from the competition and creativity you challenge your users with. Best of luck with Roblox.
– Melody

What Players are saying

Roblox is like the doorway between the real world and your imagination, simply anything is possible. Just spotting things while walking to school or going somewhere makes me think, “I wonder if I could build that on Roblox.”
– SmoothBlockModel

There’s no greater power in the world than the ability to create the world yourself.
– SmoothBlockModel

You know, Roblox is a great game designed to keep kids safe, and have fun at the same time. It’s a great way to learn computer engineering while chatting with thousands of other players. I really think Roblox is a great game. Way to go guys!
– Jason

I’ve only been coding for about 10 months actually, Roblox is what got me into programming. I really must take this opportunity to thank Roblox for getting me into programming, which I spend most of my time doing. If it weren’t for Roblox introducing me to programming I’d still be wasting precious hours of my youth playing Runescape =P.
– Unknown