The Hunt: First Edition and How It's Helping Us Plan for Future Roblox-wide Events

The Hunt First Edition
  • The Hunt: First Edition attracted 34 million users who spent 128 million hours completing 212 million quests. 
  • 100 creator teams built new quests showcasing a diverse range of experiences.
  • Our users and creators provided valuable insights that will make future community-wide events even better.

For two great weeks last month, 34 million Roblox users tackled brand-new quests across 100 of our creator experiences as part of The Hunt: First Edition, our first community-wide event in three years. It was a success based on many metrics, including the 212 million quests our users completed and the 800,000 users gathered for the start of the event. The extensive engagement we saw from users and creators makes us excited about the future of community-wide events on Roblox. And, the invaluable insights we collected will help us plan them going forward. 

We designed the Hunt: First Edition, which ran from March 15 on mobile, PC, console, and VR, with something for everyone. Users interested in dipping their toes into participating could earn a reward after just five quests. Those eager for exclusive and rare rewards completed even more quests. And the most intrepid explorers earned the coveted Infinite Egg — a nod to the beloved egg hunts we’ve run in the past on Roblox — after completing at least 95 quests.

Here are some of the biggest highlights from the two weeks of The Hunt: First Edition:

  • 100 of our top experiences had brand-new quests, including Doors by LSPLASH, Arsenal by ROLVe, Piggy by MiniToon, and Catalog Avatar Creator by ItsMuneeeb. 
  • Video Star influencers put together incredible livestreams, never-before-seen collaborations, and a ton of hype content throughout the event. That included handing out Hunt-exclusive gold Vault Headphones to users who joined them in the event hub. 
  • We were excited to see so much fan-made content emerge. For example, users created guides on the hardest and easiest quests to complete, as well as tips and tricks on how to beat quests.

The Hunt: First Edition is the latest example of what’s possible when our creators and users come together. Many in our community have great memories of popular hunts in the past like Metaverse Champions in 2021. 

That was especially powerful in showcasing and driving discovery of our creators’ fantastic experiences. Since then, we’ve listened to and heard our community’s feedback that events like this are important for them. “It's awesome to see an official event back on the platform,” said MegaSquadMo, one of our Video Star members. “The effort some games put in was amazing. Watching the community come together to help each other complete badge quests and unlock avatar items was really cool after such a long break. Hoping this sets the stage for even better events in the future!”

So think of The Hunt: First Edition as a lightweight re-entry into community-wide events. In the coming months and years, we’ll continue our new series and explore fresh themes and ideas that will rev up our community.

Looking Into the Future

We learned a ton from The Hunt: First Edition and we’re already thinking about how to apply those lessons to future events. Throughout the process, our community provided valuable feedback on what energized them and the iterations they’d like to see in future community events. Among the insights that will help us plan great future community events: 

  • Users loved trying out a broad range of new experiences.
  • They appreciated the nod to past events, including the Infinite Egg, for those who completed 95 quests.
  • Getting our creator and influencer communities involved in advance helped get them excited and, in turn, to reach out to their players and audiences. That drove more engagement. 
  • We’ll work closely with creators in the future to define best practices for events like these.

But there’s still more to learn from last month’s hunt. That’s why Roblox founder and CEO, David Baszucki, will invite a user who heavily participated in the Hunt and the creator team behind one of the quests for The Hunt: First Edition to our headquarters in San Mateo, California to provide feedback. There, they’ll have dinner and put their heads together at a product planning brainstorming session based on their experiences during last month’s event.

We love that Roblox is driven by our community’s amazing creativity. The Hunt: First Edition was a great example of where our creators can take our platform when we empower them to take the lead. "We saw amazing engagement across several of our games, sometimes from players who haven't played in years,” said alertcoderf, CEO of Twin Atlas. “It was a great opportunity to show them everything that's changed since they last played!" 

We’re now working on new tools to help our creators hold their own events tied to major moments they want to share with their audiences. In the meantime, we will continue learning from our ever-evolving community, and we can’t wait for the next iteration of The Hunt. So stay tuned!