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Senior Software Engineer - Client Application Architecture

at Roblox

San Mateo, CA

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Every day, tens of millions of people from around the world come to Roblox to play, learn, work, and socialize in immersive digital experiences created by the community.

Our vision is to build a platform that enables shared experiences among billions of users. This is what’s known as the metaverse: a persistent space where anyone can do just about anything they can imagine, from anywhere in the world and on any device. The breadth of opportunities, and the evolving demands of this first-of-its-kind platform, ensure that your avenues for growth are always expanding and flexible.

Join us and you’ll usher in a new category of human interaction while solving exceptional challenges that you won’t find anywhere else.

Role Overview:

As a Senior Software Engineer focusing on Client Frameworks, you will provide a solid foundation on which Roblox engineers and developers build cross-platform applications. Both Roblox’s internal engineers and third-party developers use these frameworks and libraries to create robust, performant, and delightful user experiences that are also easy to maintain and update. When writing code, you will focus on long-term objectives instead of shipping features fast. Join the growing Universal App team if you enjoy solving complex client-server interactions, are fascinated by cross-platform intricacies, and love to create efficient, extensible, and reusable code that many developers will depend on for a years to come.

You Are:

• Experienced: 5+ years’ experience building apps on desktop or mobile with complex flows, leveraging technologies like React/Redux, React Native, or native platform UI toolkits, and hold a BS in Computer Science or above.
• Proficient in more than one programming language: We use a custom flavor of Lua, but an understanding of other type-safe and scripting languages is needed to be able to drive technical discussions involving our native application code and game engine: C/C++, Rust, and TypeScript are great examples.  You will also be asked to modify non-Lua code from time to time.
• Curious: You are excited to work on a new UI platform inspired by React and powered the Roblox game engine. Learning new languages and technologies is exciting to you.
• Analytical: You love to understand what developers need from their frameworks, and how you can maximize impact for them, and for our users.
• Test-driven: You hold the bar on good test coverage and quality at the same time you are writing code. You understand that stability in layers above you start with your team’s work.
• Adaptable: You can shift focus and enjoy working outside your comfort zone.
• Team-player: You work with and inspire others around you, taking on tasks for the greater team (Community > Company > Individual).

You Will:

• Build frameworks/cross-platform logic that enables awesome features used by hundreds of millions of users.
• Lead communication between other engineering teams, product, design, and QA to identify and solve the right problems.
• Use best programming practices, optimizing code to be performant and easy to maintain.
• Write and maintain unit and integration tests for the code you write. You’ll also refactor any code you touch to be easier to test when needed.
• Self-organize and take ownership of projects throughout its full lifecycle.
• Work with numerous teams to build the world’s best applications.

You'll Love:

  • Excellent medical, dental, and vision coverage
  • A rewarding 401k program
  • Flexible vacation policy
  • Free catered lunches five times a week and several fully stocked kitchens with unlimited snacks
  • Onsite fitness center and fitness program credit
  • Annual CalTrain Go Pass
  • A Roblox Admin badge for your avatar