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Senior Simulation Engineer

at Roblox

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San Mateo, CA

Game Engine

Roblox, Simulation Engineer, San Mateo, CA 


Work with extremely passionate, team-oriented, visionary, and smart people. Community is the heart and soul of Roblox. Over 64 million active players engage on our platform every month. How cool is that?

Roblox is not just a game company and not just a social network. We are building the future of play and ever-expanding the universe where anything is possible.

We are democratizing the gaming world by inspiring people to play, socialize, create, and engage on one platform - across all devices - doing what they love. And the potential for impact that you can have at Roblox is tremendous.

Join the Roblox team where play rules and the possibilities are endless. Literally.

As a Simulation Engineer you will work on our state of the art distributed physics engine which is capable of computing the complex motion of thousands of parts due to the effects of collisions, mechanical joints, explosions, flying projectiles, vehicles, and interactions with Roblox avatars. By applying industry-leading algorithms and methods, you will build and deliver the tools that let developers create amazing games, no matter whether the target platform is mobile, desktop, console or VR.

You are:

  • Experienced in physics development: At least 4 years of working with physics or motion simulation for interactive environments, perhaps in a gaming environment.
  • Fluent in dynamics/3D motion simulation: You understand motion simulation concepts, including rigid body spatial representation, collision detection, mechanical joints, equations of motion and 3D vector math.
  • Good at C++ programming: Pointers, templates, and raw blocks of memory are your everyday tools to write high-performance code.
  • Eager to learn: Able to adapt to a dynamic-everything environment where pre-computation isn’t always possible.
  • Self-sufficient: Experienced in working with internal and external stakeholders to deliver projects that keep working once they’re done.
  • A leader: Comfortable in defining and championing a plan to improve Physics capabilities over time, and marshal others to your cause.
  • Engine/platform oriented: You might have helped develop a game engine from scratch, or done other similar projects.
  • Resource minded: You have probably worked in alternate and constrained platforms like consoles or mobile devices.

You will:

  • Develop Physics engine code that helps our community of developers build realistic, immersive motion into their games on the Roblox platform.
  • Research cutting edge concepts and unique solutions to deliver new functionality
  • Select the right balance of performance and fidelity to achieve the best outcome for each use case.
  • Carry the torch for the future of Physics simulation in user-generated games.
  • Self-organize and take ownership of a project throughout its full lifecycle.
  • Find out how Roblox is special and how you can harness that to deliver awesome environments using industry-leading techniques across all platforms.

You will love:

  • Working on unique projects that are seen - and enjoyed - by millions of Roblox users every day
  • Excellent medical, dental, and vision coverage
  • A rewarding 401k program
  • Flexible vacation policy
  • Free catered lunches five times a week and several fully stocked kitchens with unlimited snacks (Nom nom nom)
  • Onsite fitness center and fitness program credit
  • Annual CalTrain Go Pass
  • A super-cool Roblox Admin badge for your avatar
  • Rock star status with our community (No autographs, please.)

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