TRUSTe Children's privacy certificationROBLOX Corporation is a certified licensee of the TRUSTe® Children’s Privacy Program, which has been approved by the Federal Trade Commission as an authorized safe harbor under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule. Use the tabs above for more info on how we ensure a positive experience for kids on ROBLOX.



ROBLOX is an online virtual playground and workshop, where kids of all ages can safely interact, create, have fun, and learn. It’s unique in that practically everything on ROBLOX is designed and constructed by members of the community. ROBLOX is designed for 8 to 18 year olds, but it is open to people of all ages. Each player starts by choosing an avatar and giving it an identity. They can then explore ROBLOX — interacting with others by chatting, playing games, or collaborating on creative projects. Each player is also given their own piece of undeveloped real estate along with a virtual toolbox with which to design and build anything — be it a navigable skyscraper, a working helicopter, a giant pinball machine, a multiplayer “Capture the Flag” game or some other, yet-to-be-dreamed-up creation. There is no cost for this first plot of virtual land. By participating and by building cool stuff, ROBLOX members can earn specialty badges as well as ROBLOX dollars (“ROBUX”). In turn, they can shop the online catalog to purchase avatar clothing and accessories as well as premium building materials, interactive components, and working mechanisms. Stratosphere-Settlement-by-EBR


ROBLOX members can choose to play and create alone or, with the help of personal and customizable avatars, they can choose to be social and engage with others. Members can explore the world with their avatars, meet and communicate with other members, visit other member-created worlds, and collaborate with others on projects. There are no pre-defined goals in ROBLOX. The focus is largely on creative and open-ended play. However, there are thousands of member-created games — both solo and multiplayer — with their own goals and objectives.


We are passionate about creating meaningful experiences that ignite the imagination and engage the mind. There are many online sites for kids. However, most of these sites are focused primarily on helping kids socialize and play games. We wanted to build something more — a place that not only satisfies kids’ social and entertainment needs but that also satisfies kids’ hunger for creativity and learning.


We believe in the theory that kids learn best by making things; by engaging in the creative and complex process of imagining, designing, and constructing. Provide them with a safe place to build, give them the requisite tools, and let them play. We’re particularly inspired by the educational theory pioneered by Seymour Papert of the MIT Media Lab. This theory — labeled “Constructionism” — holds not only that kids learn best when they are in the active roles of designer and builder, but that their learning is optimized when they’re assuming these roles in a public forum. This makes good sense to us — particularly after observing some of our members who know that the fruits of their labor may be seen, critiqued, and used by others. These are motivated kids who become deeply engaged with building complex structures and solving difficult problems. Their level of creativity, the amount of time and care spent building, and the extent and high quality of their discourse never fails to astonish us.


Anyone can enjoy ROBLOX free of charge, but they won’t have all the same privileges as paying members. For example, kids whose parents sign them up for the Builders Club will be given the ability to build and manage multiple active places that others can play. They’ll also be given the ability to purchase premium items in the ROBLOX catalog that enable greater (i.e. cooler!) customization of their avatars. Finally, Builders Club members will no longer be exposed to on screen advertisements. Builders Club memberships start at $5.95 per month. (That’s less than 20 cents per day!) Lower rates are available for 6-month and year-long subscriptions.


Click on the Builder’s Club link in the navigation bar of to start the step-by-step process (or start the process right now by clicking here). If your child already has an account on ROBLOX the process is straightforward. You’ll simply need to sign in to his or her account to complete the enrollment process. If your child doesn’t already have an account, you’ll need to set her or him up with a username and a temporary password.

Keeping Kids Safe

What we do to keep kids safe online

Above all else, everyone here at ROBLOX is committed to member safety. We take every precaution possible to make sure kids are protected from inappropriate and offensive individuals, as well as from indecent and distasteful content.


ROBLOX has a team of moderators who are constantly keeping an eye on discussion forums, fielding abuse reports from members, and screening uploaded content. These moderators follow our policies in regard to swearing and obscenities, messages and content of a sexual or violent nature, and any sort of aggressive or threatening communication. In the rare times when an incident does occur, the infringing member is immediately suspended or permanently expelled. For a detailed look at what members can and cannot do, along with potential repercussions, please review our Terms of Service.


There are two chat modes available to members:

  • Under Age 13 Whitelist Chat: This is the preferred mode for parents looking for the ultimate in online safety. This option limits what members can say or see to a specific list of pre-approved words. When an under age 13 user signs up with their correct birth date, they are automatically put in this mode. Parents may transition their child to the next mode via the account settings.
  • Age 13 and Over Blacklist Chat: This mode allows members to type their own messages when communicating with other members. However, every message that is typed first goes through a filter that blocks inappropriate words and phrases. ROBLOX’s adaptive filter also learns to decipher and catch codes or other methods that members might use to bypass the system. Please note: although our filter is continuously being updated and improved, some inappropriate comments may get through. In the event that this happens, members have easy access to a “report abuse” feature.


ROBLOX only collects ages, usernames and email addresses (or, in the case of children under 13, a parent’s email address). This gives us the ability to ensure safe participation and to recover lost passwords. (If your child forgets a password, we can email a reminder.) Email addresses are not visible anywhere on the site nor will they ever be disclosed to a third party. For more detailed information, please see our Privacy Policy.


To help protect your children, we recommend to them that they abide by a number of safety guidelines. These include the following:

  • Never give out personal information of any kind, such as your real name, age, location, phone number, or school.
  • Never give out your password, except to your parents. If others get it, one or more individuals could pretend to be you. They could give out your personal information or act in an inappropriate way on the site that could get you into trouble.
  • Tell your parents if someone says or does something online that makes you feel uncomfortable, or if someone asks you for personal information.
  • If someone on the ROBLOX site harasses you or makes any comments that you feel are inappropriate, immediately send an abuse report to the ROBLOX team.
  • Choose a username that does not reflect or hint at your real identity. Avoid usernames that are suggestive in any way, even if they seem funny or innocent to you.

Builders Club


Builders Club is a premium service that enhances the ROBLOX experience. Builders Club memberships give users the ability to create and manage multiple games and environments simultaneously. Builders Club members also receive a daily stipend of ROBLOX currency — called “ROBUX” — which can be used to purchase premium items in the ROBLOX catalog. These items enable much greater (i.e. much cooler!) customization of users’ avatars and their interactive creations. In addition, Builders Club members gain the ability to promote their creations in the ROBLOX catalog and sell them to other members using the virtual ROBLOX economy. Finally, unlike free account holders, Builders Club members are not exposed to, or distracted by, on-screen advertisements. For parents who are interested in learning more about subscription options or in purchasing a Builders Club membership, click on the membership button on the home page or start the sign-up process now.


ROBLOX accepts payment via all major credit cards for monthly, 6-month and 12-month memberships, as well as most ROBUX purchases. Prepaid credit cards must be activated for online usage prior to making a purchase. Monthly memberships are automatically recurring. We also accept PayPal for monthly, 6-month,12-month, and lifetime memberships. Purchases can also be made via Rixty, Boku, and the official ROBLOX iOS app (ROBLOX Mobile). ROBLOX also offers game cards in select stores. Please visit the ROBLOX cards page to see a list of current stores and purchase options.

Can I use a pre-paid or gift credit card to make purchases?

Yes, you can. Make sure that you register the correct billing information with the prepaid or gift card provider. You can do this by calling the customer service number shown on the card. Make sure the billing information you enter on ROBLOX matches the registration information exactly.If the transactions are not going through, please do not try to re-purchase. This can result in “pending” charges that can place a hold on the balance of the card for up to 7 days. The amount held will return to your card automatically and ROBLOX will not receive payment. If you have problems even after registering, please call the customer service number on your card to see why they are declining the charges.

Will my payment information be secure?

All transactions on ROBLOX use secure commercial-grade encryption. Furthermore, information relating to your payment (such as your credit card number) never resides on our servers. All of our credit card purchases are processed by PayPal, a trusted name in internet commerce.

What currencies do you accept?

All prices are in U.S. dollars. However, most online payment methods will convert currencies at the current bank rate. Ask your credit card company or banking institution about currency conversion fees or other fees.

Does ROBLOX offer family plans?

We do not offer family plans.


How soon does membership take effect?

Memberships will be activated as soon as payment is received. How quickly this occurs depends upon the method of payment.

  • Credit Card: Your membership will be activated instantly.
  • PayPal: If your PayPal account charges directly to a credit card, your membership will usually be activated within one day. If your PayPal account charges to a bank account (eCheck), up to 10 days may be required to receive payment.
  • Game cards and Gift Cards: Your membership will be activated when the card(s) or credit are applied to the term of membership selected. If your game cards redeem for ROBLOX credits, you will need to purchase the items you want with those credits.
  • Other payment methods: For example, Rixty, Boku, and the itunes: These can take up to 48 hours to receive payment.

Where can I review my account information?

You can review your account billing information, such as the membership renewal date and credit balance, by logging into the account and going to the Account link or Builders Club link. On this page, you can see a section that shows the type of membership, renewal date or expiration date, and credit balance. To view your account settings, please log into the account and click on the “Account” tab. On this page you will be able to see the basic account information, such as email address, birth date, and profile theme, as well as be able to request links to update information and settings.

Where can I review my account information?

  • Credit Cards and PayPal: Monthly memberships renew automatically. Also, you have the option to select to automatically renew for your 6-month or 12-month membership.
  • All other forms of payment: Other forms of payment, such as game card credit, can be used to purchase an extension on your membership. Basically to get more days. These subscriptions need to be manually renewed from the Builders Club page.

What happens when my membership expires?

You will not lose your account, but you will lose your Builders Club membership status and all of its benefits, including your daily ROBUX stipend and the Builders Club badge. You will keep all of your data, including all shirts, pants, and other assets that you have made. You will also keep your current ROBUX and Tickets balance. Memberships can be re-subscribed at any time.

Can I extend my Builders Club membership period?

Yes. Simply go to the Builders Club page and buy another membership for your account. This will extend your current Builders Club by the duration purchased. A 6-month extension, for example, will add 6 months to your current expiration date. By definition, extensions extend an account type (regular, Turbo, or Outrageous) with the same privileges.

Can I transfer my Builders Club membership or assets to a different ROBLOX account?

Builders Club memberships and assets, such as tickets, ROBUX, and items, are non-transferable. Please make sure you are logged into the correct account when processing a transaction.

Can I transfer my Builders Club membership or assets to a different ROBLOX account?

The ROBLOX Team is committed to keeping the ROBLOX community safe for users of all ages. Builders Club members who violate our terms of service may have their accounts suspended for a period of time or deleted at our discretion. There will be no refunds on suspended or deleted accounts.


How does ROBLOX convert between Builders Club, Turbo Builders Club, and Outrageous Builders Club?

When upgrading or downgrading memberships, ROBLOX immediately replaces the existing membership benefits with the purchased benefits. ROBLOX also converts any remaining days on the current membership into an equivalent number of days of the new membership type, and adds those days to the amount purchased. When upgrading, regular Builders Club days are divided by 2 to convert to Turbo Builders Club days. When downgrading, Turbo Builders Club days are multiplied by 2 to convert to regular Builders Club days. When you decide to purchase a different level of Builders Club the system will show you how many days you will have left after the conversion – so you can make the change with confidence.

Can I upgrade or change my Lifetime Builders Club membership?

Lifetime Builders Club members can upgrade to lifetime Turbo Builders Club memberships by going to the Builders Club page and buying the appropriate upgrade. Regular or Turbo Builders Club members can upgrade to OBC. Lifetime members cannot downgrade.

Can I change from or to a recurring monthly membership?

Yes. You can change from a monthly recurring membership to any other membership at any time. When doing so, your current recurring charges will be cancelled and you will be charged for the new membership. You can also change from a fixed-month to recurring membership; for these changes, your monthly charges will begin after the converted days from the current membership are used up. In all cases, like all account changes, the terms of the new membership apply immediately.

Why can’t I select the new membership that I want – the buttons are gray?

The purchase option buttons are grayed out when that product is unavailable for purchase or the membership cannot be changed at the time. This can occur when you membership is renewing or if you have a level of lifetime membership. Once the membership renewal process has completed, the buttons will become available again. This process may take a few days, but if the renewing message lasts more than 10 days, you can contact For lifetime memberships, only the higher levels of membership will be available.


Do membership changes require a new purchase?

Yes. All extensions, upgrades, and downgrades require a purchase. You will be charged the full amount of the membership you are changing to, but the days will be converted at the conversion rate if you are moving to another level – between regular, Turbo, and OBC).

Do membership changes require a new purchase?

You must cancel before the renewal date. Even if you cancel renewal early you will still receive the full term you have paid for. Cancellations only apply to recurring Builders Club subscriptions that were paid via credit card. Canceling is easy — simply click the Cancel button that appears in the Manage Account panel on the Builders Club page and confirm the cancellation. If you cancel a recurring subscription, you will continue to receive Builders Club privileges for the remainder of the currently paid month. Certain promotional offers require that you wait for 10 days after signup before cancelling your membership.

What happens when my membership expires?

You will not lose your account, but you will lose your Builders Club membership status and all of its benefits, including your daily ROBUX stipend and the Builders Club badge. You will keep all of your data, including all shirts, pants, and other assets that you have made. You will also keep your current ROBUX and Tickets balance. Memberships can be re-subscribed at any time.

What is your refund policy?

Memberships and purchases are non-refundable. However, if there is a special situation regarding your billing, we are available to talk with you about it via email at

Parents (and Players) Respond


This game is very good for my children. I have three children playing roblox and they got each other to join. It is helping my oldest with a “what i want to be when i grow up” subject he is doing at school. He wants to be a programmer and program games so this site is helping him by teaching him skills. Also I love this site because it lets my kids be creative. Also its helping teach my kids laws of physics and lots of other stuff. Finaly a game my kids have fun on without blood and gore!


I have to say I really appreciate your product as my son asked me to order him a Lua book, and now he is starting to get really involved with scripting, advertising and ‘day trading’ all because of Roblox. Now, I am busy hearing my son talk non-stop about ads, clicks and currency trading on Roblox – gotta love it.

- Sam

My boys, ages 10 and 8 just created an account to explore your games. I think the “safety blocks” you automatically established are a God-send. I don’t know much about this gaming stuff, but I did read your policies, procedures and commend you for making the blocks “automatic”. Thanks. Be vigilant. As a parent, I try to understand but I don’t. I need companies, gamers to help protect the children.

- Karen

I am a parent of two boys (11 and 12) who absolutely love ROBLOX. As a Software Engineer myself, I am interested in getting my boys more involved in engineering in general, ROBLOX has been a big help.

- Dan, Florida

Having paid out for quite a few destruction/build/animate games in the past which my Grandson has played for maybe a few days then tired of, it is amazing that ROBLOX seems for months now to have met his needs. His mom is now getting him Builders Club!

- Penny, United Kingdom

Hi, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate Roblox. My son who is 12 uses your service all the time. One of the movie competitions motivates him to sit down and learn new software to develop new movie scenes. I watched him a couple days ago, working hard on powerpoint, windows movie maker and other software, trying to make his Roblox movie. He didn’t know how to use any of this software and learned it on his own through his motivation from Roblox. It’s kind of neat how simple things like having a special ‘hat’ for his character is so gratifying to him. He joined the Roblox Builders Club a few days ago. He was willing to give up $5 a month from his allowance per month to pay for it (we are paying for it, but appreciated his devotion). Anyway, I appreciate your service and also how safe it is for kids. I am enjoying seeing him thrive from the competition and creativity you challenge your users with. Best of luck with Roblox.

- Melody


ROBLOX is like the doorway between the real world and your imagination, simply anything is possible. Just spotting things while walking to school or going somewhere makes me think, “I wonder if I could build that on ROBLOX.”

- SmoothBlockModel

There’s no greater power in the world than the ability to create the world yourself.

- SmoothBlockModel

You know, ROBLOX is a great game designed to keep kids safe, and have fun at the same time. It’s a great way to learn computer engineering while chatting with thousands of other players. I really think ROBLOX is a great game. Way to go guys!

- Jason

I build because I feel as if I can let out the part of me that contains my creativity. Building is like a key put into the lock that holds my ideas. These ideas translate to the game and become something unique.

- TREVOR818730

Greetings people from the ROBLOX Headquarters. I just wanted to say that I am a big fan of your games. They are increasingly fun and due to them, I am learning lua scripting. On my friend’s world, I tested a bunch of scripts I had downloaded, making my own modifications for them and I must say I enjoy coding. The community is fun, and I do enjoy Roblox for the way it is. The only problem I have with this game is how insanely enticing it is.

- Raymond D.

I build to improve my architectural skills, and compete against other users to try and create the most effective place in ROBLOX’s community. Though this is hard, I don’t stop trying.

- ydocydoc1

I’ve only been coding for about 10 months actually, ROBLOX is what got me into programming. I really must take this opportunity to thank ROBLOX for getting me into programming, which I spend most of my time doing. If it weren’t for ROBLOX introducing me to programming I’d still be wasting precious hours of my youth playing Runescape =P.

- Mark

ROBLOX building gives me an outlet that makes me a little bit more able to express my overly constricted imagination.

- Unknown

When I joined ROBLOX, I knew nothing about scripting or what scripting was. After I learned about scripting, you guys got me into what I want to do as an occupation. I want to be a programmer. I have gone to a camp where I made my own RPG. Making games is what I want to do. I am only 13, and because your game inspired me so much, I have already learned JavaScript, Javacode, Lua, C++ and some other scripting languages.

- Hintboy50

When I joined ROBLOX, I knew nothing about scripting or what scripting was. After I learned about scripting, you guys got me into what I want to do as an occupation. I want to be a programmer. I have gone to a camp where I made my own RPG. Making games is what I want to do. I am only 13, and because your game inspired me so much, I have already learned JavaScript, Javacode, Lua, C++ and some other scripting languages.


I build to show others my true creativity. Most everything I build becomes a model, free for all to take. When I build, I get locked into a mode where nothing is in my mind, except for what I plan on building and how I plan on building it. Building on ROBLOX helps me improve my online game designing creativity.

- Devin1002

Hello, I would like to mention that I do online school and I like to involve ROBLOX in my projects each week. This week I involved ROBLOX in an economy project and an English project, where out of those two I earned over 10 standards. Now with this system there are not letter grades, but proficiency levels of 1, 2, or 3. I got 3s on all of them, my mentor and team leader know my goal to get a bachelors degree in Computer Science and eventually work for ROBLOX. I have been building and learning a lot lately adding to my almost 3 years and growing reputation on ROBLOX, I love all of the new features for building, as it has helped me to gain great standards in many different subjects. This message is directed to all of the ROBLOX Staff at the headquarters, and I would like to say thank you.

- stormchasers101

I like to build because it lets me express my ideas. For example, I can test water physics, which I probably couldn’t do in real life. I also once built a replica of my house. I never finished it. I took advantage of the decal feature and I downloaded images of the rugs in my homestead. I used some free models in this place but created a majority of it on my own.

- OOHLALAyayyyy


I think that ROBLOX is the single best online game invented.

- Andrew