Safety and Civility

Safety and civility are foundational to everything we do. We’ve built a platform with industry-leading safety and civility features. We continuously evolve our platform as our community grows and evolves.


Our safety & privacy systems and teams are constantly evolving and innovating to ensure everyone feels safe on Roblox, every day.

Securing Your Account

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Use strong passwords
  • You should have a different password for every online account you have. Don’t re-use a password. If anyone asks for your login, do not give it to them and be sure to check that you are on the legitimate site.

  • Also keep in mind that Roblox employees, including Customer Support, will never ask you for your password, so be mindful of nefarious users that ask you to share your screen, password, and 2-Step Verification ("2SV") codes.

Add an email address or phone number to your account
  • Add an email address or phone number to your account. This makes it easier to reset your password if you forget it and easier for us to help you when you contact us.

  • Make sure only you have access to the email address or phone number. If you put someone else’s information, they will receive the reset instructions and can then gain access to your account and lock you out of it.

  • Once you’ve added your email address or phone number, verify them by way of the account verification instructions. A key benefit to adding a verified email address to your account is that you will get email notifications for the following events:

    • Every time there is a new login event (a login that occurs from a new device or IP address) on your account

    • Every time a trade or transaction attempt is made that requires 2-Step Verification

    The notification email will contain approximated info on the event time, regional location, and device.

2-Step Verification
  • Enable the 2-Step Verification feature to improve your account security. When you log in, you’ll be asked to enter a unique code from your chosen 2-Step Verification method.

  • This helps protect your account by adding an extra layer of verification. Follow these 2-Step Verification instructions.

Manage your sessions
  • The Where you’re logged in section within your account security settings will show all logged-in sessions (along with approximate regional location, “last active” timing, and device for each session). From this view, you can choose to log out of individual sessions of your choice. Learn more about session management.