Get your chance to go Behind the BLOX

You get to:

Help shape not-yet-released features and products with your perspective and feedback
Tell us about your ideas for ROBLOX
Meet ROBLOX staff and tour the office
Take home free ROBLOX stuff
Learn a little something about game and software development

You can apply to be one of the few users to go Behind the BLOX using the form below. Sessions begin at 3:30 p.m. and last approximately 90 minutes.  After you fill out the form, we’ll be in touch to let you know where you should be, on what date and at what time. We hope to see you soon.



RDC 2016 is an invite-only conference for ROBLOX developers from around the world. Two days of sessionstutorials, and roundtable discussions on new ROBLOX platform developments delivered by leading ROBLOX developers and engineers.

rdc_list of perks

If you are interested in attending RDC 2016, you can submit your candidature here.