ROBLOX is the best place to Imagine with Friends™

More and more in today’s world, the opportunity to imagine is being lost; kids spend less time playing cops and robbers, and more time with electronic media. ROBLOX’s family-friendly experiences support imagination, role-playing and creativity.

Every month, over twelve million virtual explorers come to ROBLOX to imagine, play, learn and create. The ROBLOX Imagination Platform™ supports over 146 million hours of engagement each month, which is more time than is spent on Pinterest, Reddit or Wikipedia (comScore 9/2015). At peak times, ROBLOX hosts over 450,000 participants. And every month, five million newcomers sign up on ROBLOX purely through viral word of mouth.


ROBLOX Studio enables creators to intuitively build their dreams. It’s a desktop authoring environment for virtual reality. Immersive, multiplayer experiences are created with terrain authoring, 3D “smart models”, and scripts.  Millions of community created assets (cars, buildings, etc.) are available for free  to support the creation of immersive games and experiences.


ROBLOX apps provide access to ROBLOX on PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Xbox. Most ROBLOX adventures are accessible from any device, so players can imagine with their friends regardless of where they are. In addition, ROBLOX apps provide access to friends, chat, and groups, which makes it easy to find and imagine with friends. The ROBLOX cloud hosts games, and provides instant scalability to well over 12,000 players in a single game.  At peak times the ROBLOX clouds supports a quarter million simultaneous players.


ROBLOX is powered by a growing community of over 300,000 creators who produce an infinite variety of highly immersive experiences. Over 100 elite creators make substantial revenues from their content, with top creators making well over a quarter million dollars.

ROBLOX is funded by top venture capital firms First Round Capital and Altos Ventures.



David Baszucki

Founder & CEO

David Baszucki

David Baszucki is the founder and CEO of ROBLOX. A pioneer in pushing the boundaries of the imagination, David has helped champion millions of young and up-and-coming developers in the video game industry via the ROBLOX platform. Working with some of the most talented minds in the business, his vision has given birth to a new genre of entertainment that seamlessly blends together learning, communication, and the latest technology advancements, such as virtual reality, into a cutting-edge platform that allows people of all ages to create fun, imaginative experiences for the entire world to enjoy.

David graduated from Stanford University as a General Motors Scholar in Electrical Engineering. He currently resides in Redwood City, California with his wife, Jan Ellison, and their three children. @DavidBaszucki

Keith Lucas

Chief Product Officer


Keith is the Chief Product Officer at ROBLOX. Keith started his career at ROBLOX leading the engineering team. He currently oversees Product, Engineering, Operations, Analytics and Design.  Prior to ROBLOX, Keith served as Director of Product Development at Enfold, an early stage health-IT company, and as Director of Internet Technology at Progio, a mobile fitness coaching platform. Keith co-developed the physics engine at Knowledge Revolution, and became an engineering manager at MSC.Software after the acquisition. Keith holds a Ph.D. in Aeronautics & Astronautics from Stanford University and a Masters in Public Policy from UC Berkeley. @kvlucas

Andrew Chmyz



Andrew is the CFO of ROBLOX, overseeing Human Resources, Recruiting, Facilities, Finance, Accounting, Customer Service, Moderation and Advertising Sales. Prior to joining ROBLOX, Andrew held the CFO position at a variety of companies, including SugarCRM, Medallia, Concentric Medical, Marimba (Nasdaq: MRBA), and InnerStep. At Concentric Medical, in addition to his CFO role, Andrew was the COO and the VP of International Sales, introducing a novel device to treat acute ischemic stroke into the European and Asian markets. Andrew started his career in investment banking at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette. Andrew received his MBA from Santa Clara University and his undergraduate degree from Yale University.

Jared Shapiro

VP of Web Platform

#1_Jared Shapiro small_final3

Jared is Vice President of Web Platform at ROBLOX and is responsible for the web engineering team, core platform technology, the user-facing website, internal tools, platform apis, and BI/Analytics infrastructure. Previously, Jared was VP of Engineering at Sonic Boom, an early leader in mobile games and personalization applications. After Sonic Boom, Jared led the central technology group at RockYou and was later VP of Engineering at Bitesize Networks. He holds BA and BFA degrees from New School University.

Scott Rubin

SVP of Business Development

Scott is the Senior Vice President, Business Development at ROBLOX. As a seasoned executive, he brings more than 13 years of experience working in the digital entertainment and mobile industries, as well as 15 plus years in the Internet and e-commerce industries. Prior to joining ROBLOX, Scott held various executive roles at Livescribe, Huawei, Namco Bandai and SEGA. He spent much of his career at Namco Bandai, the largest entertainment company in Japan. He built their North American mobile and digital games division, which was later spun off to a separate company under the Namco Bandai umbrella. As the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, he was responsible for the Business Development, Sales, Marketing and Legal departments, and ultimately responsible for the overall strategy and vision of the subsidiary. Scott also has a strong international business background. He lived and worked in Japan earlier in his career, and he is proficient in the Japanese language.

Adam Miller

VP of Engineering, Technology


Adam is Vice President of Engineering, Technology at ROBLOX. He is responsible for the client team, ROBLOX Studio, and the mobile engineering team. Prior to ROBLOX, Adam served as Director of Engineering at Intertrust, developing digital rights management technology and directing development of an incubated startup. Previously, Adam created the MMO Star Sonata, acquired by Landauer Games. Adam holds a BS in Computer Science from Yale University. @rbxadam

Ian Silverstein

VP of Global Sales


Ian is Vice President of Global Sales at ROBLOX and is responsible for all advertising sales in the US and other markets. Ian joined ROBLOX in January, 2014 from Stardoll Media, where he was responsible for building and leading a national sales team selling cross-channel advertising solutions to clients looking to reach the youth market. Prior to Stardoll Media, Ian held positions with leading media and technology companies including Boingo Wireless,, ESPN and MTV Networks. Ian is a graduate of Penn State University. @ian_silverstein